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A Course Of Love

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32.1 Let us first consider the roles of teacher and learner. A teacher is first and foremost anything that aids your remembering. Thus look not at the form in which a teacher arrives. It can truly be said that all of life is your teacher. There is not one aspect of it that is not designed to help you to remember who you are. As we have stated repeatedly, the form of your world in many ways reflects the content of who you are. It also reflects the content of who you are not. It is in telling the difference between the two that you need guidance. You have previously looked to those who do not know the difference for your answers. Now you can see that you need to look to a different source.

32.2 That Source is Love, and it is available in every situation but for the asking: What would love have me do? What would love have me see? What would love have me say? When you call upon Love you call upon your Source. When you seek the wisdom of your heart you call upon me. When you seek the truth that is in your mind, you call upon the Holy Spirit. Thus is the Sacred Trinity always available in every situation, and for whichever learning mode you are most comfortable. All learning modes, however, will eventually return you to the Source, which is Love. The difference between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is but the same difference of which we speak when we assure you that you are of one Mind and one Heart, and that regardless of this truth you will not, in coming to know and experience this, lose your Self. The way in which you experience relationship with each aspect of the Trinity is different despite the oneness of the Trinity. The same is true of all relationship with everything. The way in which you experience relationship with each aspect of creation is different despite the oneness of creation. It is in the different relationship of one aspect of creation with all the rest that the difference you so prize as your uniqueness exists. And only there. Only in relationship are you uniquely you. Only relationship exists. For Love is relationship.

32.3 Thus we end this Course with love given and love received in truth. You are the learner here until you realize that you are Love. You then become the teacher of what you are. Your mind and heart join in wholeheartedness in the embrace. You are home, and there you will forever stay.

32.4 And thus I say to you, Amen. You have returned to Love, and your relationship with Love has returned you to your Self. Think not. This Course requires no thought and no effort. There is no prolonged study and the few specific exercises are not required. This Course has succeeded in ways you do not yet understand and have no need to understand. These words have entered your heart and sealed the rift between your mind and heart. Be true to love and you cannot fail to be true to your Self.

32.5 If you do not think you are yet prepared, if you think you are not yet ready, cease to think. Read again these words of love and let the sound of love soothe your worries away. Give to me the thoughts that remain to trouble you and I will return them to you transformed by Love. Do not grieve your thoughts or believe in loss of anything of any kind. Thus will all you have already received be remembered in this time of the second coming of Christ.

32.6 And what of miracles? The last and final miracle has occurred, for what miracles are needed when mind and heart are one and you have returned to the embrace? This is the miracle to end all need of miracles, the only accomplishment of the only Son of God. For what your heart has shared with your mind is shared with all minds and what your heart has to share is only Love. Thus has Love returned to Love.

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