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ACIM Original Edition

Hang on a sec…

Today I learn the law of love; that what
I give my brother is my gift to me.

1 This is Your law, my Father, not my own. I have not understood what giving means and thought to save what I desired for myself alone. And as I looked upon the treasure that I thought I had, I found an empty place where nothing ever was or is or will be. Who can share a dream? And what can an illusion offer me? Yet he whom I forgive will give me gifts beyond the worth of anything on earth. Let my forgiven brothers fill my store with Heaven’s treasures, which alone are real. Thus is the law of love fulfilled. And thus Your Son arises and returns to You.

2 How near we are to one another, as we go to God. How near is He to us. How close the ending of the dream of sin and the redemption of the Son of God.

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