What Can You Do Here?

The intent of the Library is to be an easily accessible repository of Christ Mind teachings that can be read, heard, and watched. It offers the opportunity for discovery and insight.

One of the central teachings of Christ Mind is that you “keep what you share” so easy sharing of library materials is a near term goal.

Here are some of the features found in the library.

Easy Navigation

At the head of each page is a banner that indicates where you are and provides links to other parts of the library. Click around a little and you’ll quickly figure it out.

Each page has a fly out sidebar offering links to features on the page and related pages. Click on the symbol with three stacked lines found on the upper left of the page.


You can set bookmarks clicking the “Bookmark Page” sidebar option. This will show a bookmark symbol, , at the beginning of each paragraph. To set a bookmark click the symbol at the desired paragraph. Click the symbol again to remove the bookmark.

To see all your bookmarks, click the “Show Bookmarks” sidebar option available on every page. You can quickly jump to a bookmarked page in this way.

Audio Recordings

Some of the material in the library are transcripts of recordings. On each transcript page that has audio available you’ll find the symbol. Click that to reveal the audio player and listen to the original recording while you read along.

When listening, the paragraph being spoken is highlighted and automatically scrolled into view to make it easy to follow along. This feature has limited availability because it requires an easy, yet time consuming, step of manually collecting audio information.

For an example, listen to this question from The Way of Mastery asking “Is Christ different from Joshua or Jeshua?”

Click here to learn more about audio timing information and learn how you can help.

  Audio Bookmarks

When a paragraph is bookmarked on a page that includes audio and audio information has been collected to support highlighting and scrolling, then the “Show Bookmarks” sidebar option will give the option to play audio starting from the bookmarked paragraph.

Try it out with another question about the symbolism of the Crucifixion. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the sidebar and click the “Bookmark Page” option.
  2. Scroll part way down the document and click a bookmark symbol at the start of a paragraph to make a bookmark.
  3. Then open the sidebar and click the “Show Bookmarks” option. Click the symbol in the dialog box that will open.
  4. That’s it - try it here.

Searching through library contents by word or phrase is supported. Capitalized words and punctuation are ignored to increase the likelihood of successfully finding matches.

Just enter a word or sequence of words and see what you find. The set of matches is displayed in a logical order. Click one of the links and go to the page and position where the term or phrase is found. You can then use the “Search Navigator” to navigate between the search matches on the page and to the next and previous pages.

When finished browsing search matches close the navigator to return to an uncluttered reading environment. If you’d like to browse the matches again at a later time click the “Search Navigator” option in the sidebar or return to the Search page.

Searches are saved until replaced by a new search.

Head on over to the Search page and give it a try.