The Library

The library contains teachings that have a similar theme but differ in the way the ideas are expressed. Taken together, these differences offer a broad and well-rounded view of the material expressed. It’s very much like having the ability to walk around and look at all aspects of a beautiful work of art instead of viewing it from only one perspective.

Christ Mind teachings tend to ‘sink in’ over time and what was thought to be fully understood is, six months later, seen in an entirely different light. This is because, as it says in A Course in Miracles, that:

Words are symbols of symbols twice removed from Reality.

Words are important and are the way in which concepts are communicated but the goal of Christ Mind teachings is not an understanding of the words but an experience of the Reality they point to. In this way the meaning of the words is known beyond concept and their truth apparent.

Currently, there are three sources of Christ Mind teachings in the library.

The Way of Mastery

The Way of Mastery material is the result of a collaboration beginning in 1987 between Jayem (Jon Marc Hammer) and Jeshua, also known as Jesus. The five core texts that have resulted from this partnership are:

Channeled sessions given by Jeshua prior to The Way of the Heart, called The Early Years, are available here as well.

Q&A sessions occurring after a lesson are included here and grouped together for easy reference.

Additionally, the original recording of each session is available along side of transcript. Look for the symbol.

Northwest Foundation for ACIM (NWFFACIM)

Since 1982, Raj and Paul Tuttle have been collaborating and sharing a very down to earth and practical perspective on A Course in Miracles. Paul has written two books that chronicle his relationship with Raj, they are:

Raj and Paul have been hosting a weekly ACIM study group since 2002 from which the audio and transcripts are available in the library. Imagine the clarity offered when attending a study group given by the author himself!

Study group material is sectioned by year and available here:

ACIM Sparkly Edition

The Sparkly Edition of A Course in Miracles, also known as the Thetford Editon, is available here as the foundation of the Library.

This edition includes:

  1. Text

    The Text is available here, fully formatted and searchable.

  2. Workbook for Students

    The Workbook for Students is available here.

  3. Manual for Teachers

    The Manual for Teachers is available here.