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Did you know you can bookmark your favorite quotes and other inspirational text from any teaching in the Library of Christ Mind Teachings? You can also add comments and categorize bookmarks by assigning topics. This simplifies finding them in the future.

Have you ever wanted to share something you read that resonates so deeply you just can't keep it to yourself? Bookmarks will help with that!

Bookmarks can be shared via Facebook, by email, and by direct linking in documents, comments, and chats. And, shared bookmarks contain a link that allows the recipient to read directly from the source.

I think that's awesome.

Get started with Bookmarks and Sharing by watching two short videos that will get you up and running quickly. Try it out to see what you can discover.

Rick Mercer

Videos on Bookmarks and Sharing

There are two new videos available; one covering the ins and outs of creating, editing, and listing bookmarks and the other covers all you need to know about sharing.

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