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User Profile

When signed in, an option appears at the bottom of the menu option called “User Profile”. Click this option to access features for users with accounts. See User Accounts to learn how to set up an account.

The only option currently available for signed in users is the creation and management of an email list.

Setting Up a Maillist

Users who are signed in can share bookmarks by way of Facebook posts and email. When sharing by email you can pick recipients from a predefined email list and avoid having to remember or look up email addresses.

When you choose the “User Profile” option from the menu option the Maillist page will be displayed.

Empty Email List

The table of email addresses will initally be empty. Notice that the “Save Changes” button is dimmed before changes are made. To add a new name press the “Add Name” button. This will display in input form allowing you to enter the name and email address of a recipient.

Add to Email List

Enter a name and email address and press “Add” to add the name to the list. Notice that the “Save Changes” button is now active. Make sure to save changes before exiting the page. It is only necessary to save changes once no matter how many changes you make.

The input form stays active until you press the “Cancel” button so that multiple entries can be easily added.

Item Added to Email List

An item in the list can be deleted by pressing the button and edited by pressing the button.

Again, make sure to save your changes before exiting the page otherwise they will be lost.

Select recipients from the dropdown list and/or enter email addresses in the field below.