Teachings of Christ Mind

Overview of Teachings

The diagram illustrates how the library is organized. There are four different teachings represented by vertical columns containing a box for each component. Notice the columns headed with “acim”, “raj”, “wom”, and “jsb”. Columns containing icon indicate teachings that are fully indexed and searchable. See the CMI Search section for information about search.

Boxes headed by a symbol indicate teachings with integrated audio. See the CMI Audio section of Get Acquainted for information about the audio player and other features.

Library Orgainization

The number in parenthesis, for example (29), indicate the number of chapters or lessons or questions that that teaching component contains.

The first box under each teaching is labeled Get Acquainted and contains one or more pages of pertainate information about the teaching. Please note help and information about the Library itself is found in the Get Acquainted box with the red border in the diagram.

A More Technical Note

The library uses the christmind.info domain. When you specify the www subdomain, which is the default, the Library main page or card catalog is displayed. That url is https://www.christmind.info.

As indicated in the diagram, each teaching is found under a unique subdomain;

acim [https://acim.christmind.info] raj [https://raj.christmind.info] wom [https://wom.christmind.info] jsb [https://jsb.christmind.info]