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Obtaining Audio Timing Information

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You can support us by listening to the audio from The Way of Mastery or the Northwest Foundation for ACIM and collecting timing data in the process. Learn how to do that here.

Note: You can create a profile at the Library and make a reservation to collect timing data. Doing that ensures that there is no redundancy in data collection. Follow this link to create or update your profile.

Step One

Find a teaching with audio you want to listen to. There are many available from the Way of Mastery and the NWFFACIM Study Group. Audio that needs timing information collected is indicated by the symbol as shown in this example.

If the transcript has the symbol it is not yet ready for collection of timing data. Make sure to chose one that does not have this symbol associated.

Need Timing

Step Two

Open the page containing the audio to capture and open the sidebar by clicking the hamburger icon at the upper left of the page. Then click the Time Capture Off menu option.

Note: if the Time Capture Off menu option is missing it means that a reservation has been made to capture time for that page.

This will display a bullseye symbol, , in front of every paragraph. The first paragraph is different, it has a checkmark, , instead.

Here’s an example:

Capture Enabled

Step Three

While the audio is playing, listen for the end of the current paragraph and click the bullseye of the next paragraph after the current paragraph is finished and before the next paragraph begins.

In other words, click the bullseye in the audio gap between paragraphs. And do this for all paragraphs until the recording has finished playing.

When you click the bullseye it turns into a checkmark to indicate that the time has been captured. If you mess up click the checkmark and it will turn back to a bullseye and the captured time is deleted. You can then press the rewind button on the audio player to back up and try again. Each press of the rewind button will move 15 seconds back.

Here’s an example:

Audio Player

Step Four

When the audio is finished and you’ve clicked all the bullseyes one more step is needed. The collected timing data must be sent to me before you leave the page. This is easy to do.

  1. Open the sidebar and click the symbol to display the send dialog.

    Send Data

  2. Then scroll down to the bottom of the dialog, optionally enter your name and email address. Then press send.

    Send Dialog

That’s all there is to it.

Thanks in advance for your help. It is helpful indeed!

This video will walk you through the process.