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You can search through all indexed pages for a word or phrase. The search is specific to the search source selected in the drop down.

Searches are case insensitive and ignore punctuation to increase the likelihood of finding a match. Searches will find matches that begin on a word boundary so searching for the term “day” will find “day” and “days” but will not match “today”.

Search results persist until replaced by a new search. This means you can leave the Search page and find the search results still available when you return.

The number of matches found by a search is displayed when the search returns. When no matches are found the previous search results remain available. The number of matches reported is actually the number of paragraphs that contain one or more matches so it is possible that the number of actual matches is greater than the number reported.

Search Sources

A search is limited to the selected source, either the ACIM Sparkly Edition, the Way of Mastery or Northwest Foundation for ACIM. It is not possible to search across sources with a single search.

Before performing a search make sure the desired source is selected.

Indexed Pages

Library contents must be indexed before being searchable and not all materials are currently indexed. A page cannot be indexed before it is fully formatted. Only the Northwest Foundation for ACIM study group materials are not fully indexed.

These tables show what is indexed and what is not.

ACIM Sparkly Edition

Book Yes No
Text X -

Way of Mastery

Book Yes No
The Jeshua Letters X -
The Way of the Servant X -
Way of the Heart X -
Way of Transformation X -
Way of Knowing X -
The Early Years X -
Questions X -

Northwest Foundation for ACIM

Book Yes No
You Are the Answer X -
Graduation X -
ACIM Study Group - -
2002 X -
2004 - X
2005 - X
2006 - X
2007 - X
2008 - X
2009 - X
2010 - X
2011 - X
2012 - X
2013 - X
2014 - X
2015 - X
2016 - X

Indexed Symbol

The contents of each book in the Library are listed in the about page. You will see the symbol in front of items that are indexed.

Here is an example from the Way of the Heart.